E 3 - ENGLISH PROJECT: Dangerous animals

Project day Nov. 29th, 2011


  • e-learning
  • create a fantasy monster, give it a name and write a text
  • dangerous dining: the puffer fish
  • carnival of the animals: miming
  • videos (lion king, ...)

The pupils of the 3rd form worked in groups

Comments of the pupils:

I liked all stations of the project. (Selina)


We think that the project was very interesting. But the units were too short. (Julia, Patrick, Julia)


This project was funny. But the meal wasn't very good because we couldn't relax and eat it all. (Michael, Gregor)


It was great because we didn't have school lessons. It was great that we had groups. The film "lion king" was the best station, but making a monster was also great fun.(Teresa, Manuel )


I liked most the e-learning lessons because I could watch videos and I saw the correct answers after I had done the exercises. It was also interesting to see the video of sharks. We had a lot of fun. I liked the day. (Rene)


We think the writing was too long but the station in the library was funny and awesome. (Benni, Lea Chrissie)